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    #1 Speaker in the Netherlands

    #1 on 2019 top10 speaker list

    Voted as the #1 speaker in the Netherlands to consider in 2019 by Assemblee Speakers, which is the oldest and most established speaker agency in the Netherlands, representing 1000's of speaker worldwide.

    Fastest growing speaker in 2018

    Fastest growing speaker in the Netherlands

    Voted as the fastest growing speaker in the Netherlands for 2018.

    Interview with Emerce

    Interview with Emerce

    How to build meaningful connections in a hyper-connected world? This is a 5 minute interview at Emerce Engage where I was also the opening keynote speaker.

    Interview in Conference Matters

    Interview with Conference Matters Magazine

    Curious as to the mindset I used to grow so fast as a professional speaker? I reveal everything in my Conference Matters interview.

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    Corporate Unplugged

    What if you knew exactly what you wanted, and went after it without a doubt?

    Today, TEDx keynote speaker Chris Baldwin talks about the importance of gaining clarity through curiosity, action-taking, and adventure, why your success is measured by your impact on others, the difference between happiness and fulfilment, and how storytelling is the cornerstone of creating a connection with your audience.

    Personal Branding Podcast

    The 7 mindsets to become a great professional speaker.

    Chris shares the mindset you need to be a great keynote speaker and what it can mean for your business. How to create powerful attraction through the stage effect that leads to others seeing you as a thought leader in your space leading to abundant new business and opportunities. In this podcast episode my guest Chris Baldwin share with us the 7 Mindset to Develop as a Speaker.

    Public Speaking Secrets

    The 7 Mindset To develop as a speaker.

    In just 5 months, Chris Baldwin was named the fastest growing speaker in 2018 and the #1 in the top 10 speakers in the Netherlands. He now charges upwards of $15,000 for each keynote engagement and has been the speaker of choice for Google, Microsoft, and many other Fortune 500 companies. Chris shares the mindset and steps he took along this journey to become a top keynote speaker.

    Stories of Success

    How do you define success in your own life?

    I don’t believe this was the first podcast Chris Baldwin recorded. I feel honoured. A successful TED Speaker, entrepreneur and digital agency owner. He made millions, gave loads of money away, lives minimalistically and just launched a new venture called 10x speaker which helps others to be successful as a speaker.

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