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    "I help business leaders think differently about the future of digital and communicate their vision."

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    Meaningful Connections

    Building relationships at scale in a hyper-connected world.

    We have entered an era where our relationships are increasingly being built through technology. How are the most successful organisations of our era re-inventing themselves and building relationships through technology at scale? How can we think differently about the exponential age we live in? What questions should we ask ourselves in order to remain competitive?

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    Inspirational Communication

    Pitch like a visionary leader to accelerate your influence and business.

    Flourish as a leader and grow your business through powerful communication. Learn life changing techniques our visionary leaders use to amass great influence and inspire change in the world. Learn the art of pitching, speaking and storytelling so that you reach your strategic objectives faster. Learn to structure and deliver your presentation with confidence and without fear or nervousness.

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    The Art of Human Connection

    How to connect with everyone in the room?

    Learn how you can connect with everyone in the room in just one session using proven techniques . These technique will enable you to build better rapport, establish more trust, and gain more influence over your key stakeholders in just one session and produce better results when pitching and selling products and services.

  • What are people saying?

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    Dr. Jonathan Verderame

    Axiom Seminar 2019 - Event Producer

    Chris spoke this year at Axiom Seminar, one of the largest chiropractic seminars in Europe, and he absolutely over delivered. He is a thrill to work with and he did everything he could to help, even beyond his role as the opening keynote. His break out session was also rich with content, and applicable to every industry.


    As an event organiser you never truly know what you will get, but with Chris you are guaranteed to get more than you ask for. He is a dynamic and professional speaker and we highly recommend him.

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    Adrienn Olson

    President Toastmasters - Savage Z, 2019

    At the Savage Z conference Chris found several clever ways to involve the audience making his speech so engaging that people were sitting at the edge of their seats - literally. His style is textbook perfect. As a speech and presentation consultant myself I tend to look at presentations analytically even when I don’t want to.


    At Savage Z I was an audience member. I couldn’t help but notice that Chris’ slides were clean and clear, his pauses were masterfully timed, and he had an elegant frame to his story. I was moved, entertained, and inspired. Thank you Chris!

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    Jason Clowes

    Savage Marketing - Event Producer

    If you want a keynote speaker to bring energy and knowledge to your event, choose Chris. If you want a speaker to get involved in your whole event, and not just talk and leave, choose Chris. If you want a speaker who will engage the audience even before the event, choose Chris.


    I was fortunate to have Chris keynote our Savage Marketing (2018, 2017) and Savage.Z (2019) events, and he didn't just deliver a keynote, he added something special to the events, he interacted with the audience during his presentation, networked with attendees during breaks etc, and helped make the events enjoyable all round.

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    Saida Ayupova

    Savage Marketing - Event Producer

    I've had the pleasure of working with Chris on multiple occasions. He was our Keynote speaker at two events - Savage Marketing 2018 (June 2018, Amsterdam) and Savage.Z (January 2019, Berlin).


    His presentation skills are superb: content is always relevant, presentation is perfectly timed and delivered, and he engages the audience. I can't count the number of times our attendees came up to us and raved about his presentation.


    And it goes beyond that. As event producers, my team and I have worked with hundreds of speakers over the years. Chris is always at the top of our list because he understands what goes into putting together an event and does everything to support event managers and content producers. He promotes an event and other speakers, engages in a conversation with attendees before an event, and always submits such deliverables as presentation slides on time. I look forward to many more opportunities to work with him.

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    Maurice van der Kant

    Speaker Agent - CEO Assemblee Speakers

    Chris is making his journey to the top in the speakers industry. Many people around the world who have already seen him on stages say that he is "the most engaging speaker" they have ever seen. You can listen to him for many hours. He inspires and connects you with meaningful words. I always say "Great speakers not just tell the story. Great speakers are the story!" Chris Baldwin "is" the story.


    Thank you Chris for inspiring me and many of our clients in such a short period. And thank you for your trust of being your agent. Thank you for your true friendship. We only met each other last year and now you are already our fast growing speaker. I am very proud working with you. The future is now! Let's inspire the world together!

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