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    Building Meaningful Connections at Scale

    Signature keynote #1

    Inspiring people and organisations into building meaningful connections between brands & consumers through technology at scale that drives trust, customer happiness and lasting relationships.

    The 7 Mindsets of Successful Customer Relationships

    Signature keynote #2

    Taking the audience on a journey into building customer happiness through the meaningful connections model and the importance of content to empower choices.

    Thinking Different about the Future of Digital

    Signature keynote #3

    An inspiring story which takes the audience on a journey from MadMen to David Bowie to Steve Jobs to Elon Musk and beyond. Why we need to think different about the future of digital and how to build a future of meaningful connections that drives happiness, health and prosperity.

  • Topics I speak about

    "I'm known as a Thought Leader in the Media, Advertising & Marketing Industries."

    Digital Transformation

    Thought Leadership on Digital Transformation

    Helping people and organizations embrace digital transformation and build an enabling organization that empowers people to use technology and data to scale their impact.

    Digital Disruption

    Thought Leadership on Digital Disruption

    Helping people understand digital disruption and innovation and finding their own edge of digital disruption. What is it? What are the threats? How to deal with it? How to avoid being disrupted to becoming the disruptor.

    Digital Advertising

    Thought Leadership on Digital Advertising

    Helping people understand digital advertising and how it evolved over the past half century to where it is today and where it is headed in the future. These insights open peoples minds to what is possible and what they can do about it.

    Digital Marketing

    Thought Leadership on Digital Marketing

    Helping people and organizations communicate their stories in this ever fragmenting landscape. Influence their customers in ways that win over their hearts and make them the obvious choice.

    Customer Relationships

    Thought Leadership on building better customer relationships

    Helping people and organisations build better customer relationships. How to build lasting relationships in this digital first world? How to delight your customers into seeing you as their obvious choice? How to build trust and win over their hearts?

    Technology & Big Data

    Thought Leadership on Advancements in Technology and Big Data

    Helping people deal with the choices they need to make when considering the role technology and data should play within their organisation. Technology grows exponentially and accelerating the pace of change. How to deal with it?

  • What event managers are saying

    This is why I do it! To impact people like you in awesome ways.

    Charlotte Thur, CEO - IAB Sweden

    IAB Mixx Awards, Stockholm 2017

    To Microsoft for referring me: I just want a send a big thank you to you for helping us find the IAB Mixx Sweden keynote Chris Baldwin. He was absolutely right for the context and the audience at our yearly event and gala last Thursday night. It was a new face for everyone and we have got very good feedback on his presentation.

    Justus Wever, Chairman Search Taskforce, IAB Netherlands

    Search Marketing Thursday event 2016

    IAB Netherlands – Search Taskforce organized a Search Marketing Thursday event in 2016 with the theme “search in the past, present & future”. Chris Baldwin gave an inspiring presentation about the core of online advertising and the importance of meaningful connections and was the best rated speaker of the day according to our survey.

    Bertram Welink, Snr. Marketing Manager Microsoft

    Bing Day, Bergen, Norway, 2016

    With a 97% attendee satisfaction rate, Chris outperformed all other speakers.

    Steve George, Program Director Savage Marketing

    Savage Marketing, 2017 & 2018 Amsterdam

    Chris was an exceptional track leader who kept our speakers and audience engaged through out the conference. His thought leadership on SEM, Data in Marketing and Advertising and has won him a permanent place with Savage Marketing and our community. I believe his knowledge and insights will nourish any team and brand he works with.

    Bas Seelen, VP Benelux Adform

    Programmatic Marketing Event Amsterdam 2017

    Chris was a last minute addition to our event. And what a great addition he was. A really inspiring view on what is happening in the world of the digital consumer. Lots of great feedback afterwards from our clients. I would definitely recommend Chris as a speaker.

    Joop De Vries, Snr. Lecturer Online Marketing

    Hanzehogeschool, University of Applied Sciences, Groningen

    Chris Baldwin is a natural speaker, who is very well able to take the floor and carry away his audience while sharing with them his vision of the future. Chris has both a huge experience and a lot of practical knowledge, by which his presentation is guaranteed to be full of inspiration and possibly some enlightenment. Chris knows how to interpret modern times with the right sense of urgency.

  • About me

    Speaker Sheet & Resume

    Professional Speaker Sheet & Resume

    Here is a downloadable speaker sheet and resume with all the details you need.


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    Download 1 page Resume

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    Part of the Assemblee Speakers Family

    A proud member of the Assemblee family who are the oldest and most prestigious speaker agency in Europe.


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    My Latest Company

    10x Digital BV

    I am the Founder & CEO of 10x Digital, who's mission is to connect the world in more meaningful ways.


    Find out more at 10xDigital.nl

    Lets get Personal!

    My personal website & blog

    I was born on a little tropical island in the middle of nowhere. Read all about my journey and many adventures on my personal website where I also maintain a blog and share my thoughts on trends in technology, business and their impact on society.


    Find out more at ChrisBaldwin.net

  • My journey so far

    Some key milestones...

    Born & Raised on a Tropical Island

    1974 - 1991

    I was born in Port Vila, Vanuatu. A small tropical Island in the middle of nowhere. I started life as an adventure and never stopped exploring its incredible wonders. [Image: Literally my back yard in Vanuatu]

    The Adventurous Entrepreneur

    1997 - present

    My Entrepreneurial journey started in 1997, when I built my first websites, learned to program, design, market, build businesses and make money. I reached a lot of success through failure simply by finding a way forward. [Image: Finding a way forward]

    A Novel Scientific Discovery


    Presentation of a novel scientific discovery to an audience of 1000+ including Nobel laureates at cold spring harbor laboratories on Long Island, NY. [Image: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories]

    My Doctoral Defence


    Successfully defended my PhD thesis in Medicine on HIV/AIDS in front of a 200+ audience. I describe the first finding of a drug dependent HIV-1 virus and a candidate vaccine to fight HIV/AIDS. [Image: My defense presentation]

    Success in Business & Family


    Very successful few years of business allowed me to slow down and focus on building a family in the French country side (3 children). [Image: Our house at Villa Billy.]

    The launch of AHTI


    Pitched and won 17 million from the city of Amsterdam to launch a new Institute for health & technology. Successfully launch ahti - Amsterdam Health & Technology Institute in November 2014.

    [Image: The AHTI founding team (I'm on the far right)]

    IAB Keynote in Stockholm


    Opening keynote on the future of digital at the IAB Mixx Awards in Stockholm. Audience size 500-600 in grand hall evening gala setting.

    [Image: Audience engagement]

    Evangelist on the Future of Digital


    I now speak for big global brands like Microsoft, Google, the IAB (International Advertising Bureau) and IPG (Interpublic Group). I speak as a technology evangelist, brand ambassador and futurist.

    [Image: Some brands I speak for]

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