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  • SIGNATURE keynotes

    My core theme: Building relationships through technology at scale, while empowering organisations to transform and enable people to do their best work.

    Building Meaningful Connections

    Inspiring people and organisations into building meaningful connections at scale through technology. Helping you embrace digital transformation and build an enabling organisation that empowers people to to do their best work.

    The 7 Mindsets of Successful Customer Relationships

    Taking the audience on a journey into the 7 mindsets needed to building successful customer relationships. How to delight your customers into seeing you as their obvious choice? How to build trust and win over their hearts?

    Thinking Differently about the Future of Digital

    An inspiring story which takes the audience on a journey from MadMen to Steve Jobs to Elon Musk and beyond. Why do we need to think different about the future of digital and how to build a future we can be proud of.

    An Exponential Mindset for an Exponential Age

    Let me dazzle your audience on the exponential mindset you and your organisation needs to thrive in this exponential age. Helping you understand digital disruption and digital innovation and finding your own edge of digital disruption and how to deal with it.

    Enabling the Entrepreneur within your Organisation

    What is required to enable an entrepreneurial culture within you growing organisation? Turn your organisation into an entrepreneurial platform, which stimulates innovation capacity, retains talent and catalyses sustainable growth.

    Getting the most out of People & Teams

    How to get the most out of people and teams to drive positive change within your organisation. This topic is about human psychology and how to influence action through reverse engineering what drives us to do what we do. I touch on soft skills and improving inter-personal relationships to thrive in face to face human communication.

    Organisational Change & Innovation

    In this keynote I inspire organisational leaders and change agents on what it takes to steer an organisation into a digital era and how the most successful organisations deal with this constant state of change driven by technology.

  • Events

    A small selection of recent keynotes with videos.

    Aug 30: Keynote Inspire Festival

    Driebergen, Netherlands.

    Oct 4: TEDx University of Amsterdam

    CREA, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    Oct 23: Closing Keynote DigitalDagen

    Bergen, Norway.

    Nov 8: Opening Keynote DevCon, Liferay

    Theater de Meervaart, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    Nov 14: Planair Keynote LDSF, Liferay

    Frankfurt, Germany

    Video coming soon.

    Nov 22: Closing Keynote Dutch Search Awards

    B.Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    Dec 6: Opening Keynote Emerce Engage

    Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    Jan 22: Keynote deSter Global Summit

    Antwerp, Belgium.

    Exponential mindset, building meaningful relationships with a millennial and Z generation and transforming as an organization and individuals.

    Jan 30: Keynote SavageZ

    Berlin, Germany.

    Exponential mindset, transformation and dealing with the rising Z generation.

  • What others are saying

    This is why I do it! To impact people like you in awesome ways.

    Anniker Visser, Event Producer & Manager

    Emerce - Dec 2018

    "I had invited Chris to come and speak at Emerce Engage last December 6th. And I can honestly say that he is one of the fewer speakers that I know, that can actually make people listen to what he has to say..! Because of his broad experience in the digital environment and his great presentation skills, I would not hesitate to ask him again. A TEDx worthy speaker with lots of experience besides a very pleasant personality. "

    Annika Sinnecker, Event Producer & Manager

    Liferay - Nov 2018

    "Chris gave a very inspiring talk at the Liferay Digital Solutions Forum in Frankfurt this week. It was targeted to IT and business decision makers and for me as the owner of this event it was a pleasure to see how engaged our customers and prospects were listening and enjoying his sympathetic way of presentation."

    Eirik Berge, Event Producer & Manager

    DigitalDagen - Oct 2018

    "Chris was keynote speaker at DigitalDagen 2018 in Bergen, Norway, a conference themed around digital marketing. Chris did a brilliant job closing out the conference. We're very happy with Chris and so was the participants at the conference."

    Nicole de Wildt, Event Manager

    RiverDaisy - Oct 2018

    "I had the pleasure of working with Chris at the International Doordrop Media Congress in Vienna this September. Chris was responsible for an energising and inspiring key note presentation to close the congress.

    He really is a professional who makes life as an event planner like myself so easy because he is experienced, precise, and is very driven in all that he does. Besides the professional part, Chris has a very gentle and kind personality. Which makes it great to work with him.

    So I highly recommend him if you are looking for a passionate speaker with a great inspirational story!"

    Gerard Moussault, Head of Marketing Intelligence

    RAI Amsterdam - Oct 2018

    "Chris gave us a very inspiring talk about entrepreneurship within corporates. Why does it matter? How to turn problems into ideas? Show don’t tell! Just to mention a few of the topics. Great feedback afterwards."

    Harmen Visscher, CMO & Event Producer

    Catawiki - Oct 2018

    "Invited Chris for a session on one of our ‘Catawiki All Hands’-events. Experienced him as an energetic, super inspiring and a visionary speaker!"

    Ernesto Verdugo, Event Producer

    Speak Internationally - Sep 2018

    "I had the pleasure of working with Chris Baldwin and my experience was first class. Event organizers as myself appreciate working with speakers that understand the industry, our needs and requirements and most importantly over-deliver on their promise.


    As a speaker, Chris is interesting, engaging, approachable and his content is absolutely cutting-edge. As a human being, Chris is kind, polite, funny and REAL, a quality is difficult to find these days among speakers. As a professional, Chris is flexible, determined, cooperative and incredibly committed to help you shine in your event.


    If you are and event organizer, event planner or you are looking for a PERFECT speaker to bring to your event. Chris Baldwin is your guy!"

    Nienke van Bezooijen, Speakers Mentor

    Presentation-Master - Sep 2018

    "In September 2018 I met Chris Baldwin. In a group of international speakers, he stood out from day one by his cooperative style and deep understanding of what public speaking is requiring.


    As a speakers mentor I recognise the speakers who are serving the world or just aiming to serve themselves. Chris is definitely the first category! He is very well prepared to be at service for conference organizers to deliver a great value on the topic you need.


    Chris is very flexible without becoming shallow in delivery or fitting with his topic. The best example of that is when Chris was asked to deliver a TEDx talk within 24 hours of the event. Normally I would advise skipping this opportunity. But Chris was skilled ánd prepared enough to nail it. That is only for the exceptions!


    I look forward to seeing a lot more of Chris on the global stages because that is where he belongs!"

    Steve George, Event Producer

    Savage Marketing - Jul 2018

    "Chris was an exceptional track leader who kept our speakers and audience engaged through out the conference. His thought leadership on SEM, Data in Marketing and Advertising and has won him a permanent place with Savage Marketing and our community. I believe his knowledge and insights will nourish any team and brand he works with."

    Charlotte Thur, Event Producer

    IAB Mixx Awards - 2017

    To Microsoft for referring me: "I just want a send a big thank you to you for helping us find the IAB Mixx Sweden keynote Chris Baldwin. He was absolutely right for the context and the audience at our yearly event and gala last Thursday night. It was a new face for everyone and we have got very good feedback on his presentation."

    Bas Seelen, Event Producer & Manager

    Adform - 2017

    "Chris was a last minute addition to our event. And what a great addition he was. A really inspiring view on what is happening in the world of the digital consumer. Lots of great feedback afterwards from our clients. I would definitely recommend Chris as a speaker."

    Joop De Vries, Event Producer & Manager

    Hanzehogeschool, University of Applied Sciences - 2017

    "Chris Baldwin is a natural speaker, who is very well able to take the floor and carry away his audience while sharing with them his vision of the future. Chris has both a huge experience and a lot of practical knowledge, by which his presentation is guaranteed to be full of inspiration and possibly some enlightenment. Chris knows how to interpret modern times with the right sense of urgency."

    Justus Wever, Event Producer & Manager

    IAB - 2016

    "IAB Netherlands – Search Taskforce organized a Search Marketing Thursday event in 2016 with the theme “search in the past, present & future”. Chris Baldwin gave an inspiring presentation about the core of online advertising and the importance of meaningful connections and was the best rated speaker of the day according to our survey."

    Bertram Welink, Event Producer & Manager

    Microsoft - 2016

    "With a 97% attendee satisfaction rate, Chris outperformed all other speakers."

  • My journey ... so far.

    Born & Raised on a Tropical Island

    1974 - 1991

    I was born in Port Vila, Vanuatu. A small tropical Island in the middle of nowhere. I started life as an adventure and never stopped exploring its incredible wonders. [Image: My back yard in Vanuatu]

    The Adventurous Entrepreneur

    1997 - present

    My Entrepreneurial journey started in 1997, when I built my first websites, learned to program, design, market, build businesses and make money. I reached a lot of success through failure simply by finding a way forward. [Image: Finding a way forward]

    A Novel Scientific Discovery


    Presentation of a novel scientific discovery to an audience of 1000+ including Nobel laureates at cold spring harbour laboratories on Long Island, New York. [Image: Cold Spring Harbour Laboratories]

    My Doctoral Defence


    Successfully defended my PhD thesis in Medicine on HIV/AIDS in front of a 200+ audience. I describe the first finding of a drug dependent HIV-1 virus and a candidate vaccine to fight HIV/AIDS.

    [Image: My PhD defence presentation]

    Success in Business & Family


    Very successful few years of business allowed me to slow down and focus on building a family in the French country side (3 children). [Image: Our house at Villa Billy.]

    The launch of AHTI


    Pitched and won 17 million from the city of Amsterdam to launch a new Institute for health & technology. Successfully launch ahti - Amsterdam Health & Technology Institute in November 2014.

    [Image: The AHTI founding team (I'm on the far right)]

    IAB Keynote in Stockholm


    Opening keynote on the future of digital at the IAB Mixx Awards in Stockholm. Audience size 600 in grand hall evening gala setting.

    [Image: IAB Mixx Podium, Stockholm]

    Evangelist on the Future of Digital


    I now speak for big global brands like Microsoft, Google, the IAB (International Advertising Bureau) and IPG (Interpublic Group). I speak as a technology evangelist, brand ambassador and futurist.

    [Image: Some brands I speak for]

    TED Talk "The Choice is Yours"


    I am one of the few people that can say they prepared and delivered their first TED talk on the same day. I was asked to do a TED talk the evening before the event, while sick in bed with the flu. I said "yes", got some sleep, got up at 5am and went to work and prepared a talk on the morning of the TED event that went viral on Youtube.

    [Image: Giving my first TED talk]

    Speaker on a Mission

    2018 and beyond...

    As a keynote speaker I am on a mission to connect you in more meaningful ways. For this I speak on many different podiums globally to inspire, motivate and drive people to create the change they seek and build the organisations they can be proud of.

    [Image: Keynote in Bergen, Norway]

    10xSpeaker Movement


    I launched 10xSpeaker in January 2019 with a mission to awake the speaker in you. An opportunity for anyone to awake the speaker in themselves and be trained by me completely free of charge. Visit 10xSpeaker.com for details and to signup for free as a participant, enabler, trainer and/or partner.

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