• My Journey ... So far.

    Born & Raised on a Tropical Island

    1974 - 1991

    I was born in Port Vila, Vanuatu. A small tropical Island in the middle of nowhere. I started life as an adventure and never stopped exploring its incredible wonders. [Image: My back yard in Vanuatu]

    The Adventurous Entrepreneur

    1997 - present

    My Entrepreneurial journey started in 1997, when I built my first websites, learned to program, design, market, build businesses and make money. I reached a lot of success through failure simply by finding a way forward. [Image: Finding a way forward]

    A Novel Scientific Discovery


    Presentation of a novel scientific discovery to an audience of 1000+ including Nobel laureates at cold spring harbour laboratories on Long Island, New York. [Image: Cold Spring Harbour Laboratories]

    My Doctoral Defence


    Successfully defended my PhD thesis in Medicine on HIV/AIDS in front of a 200+ audience. I describe the first finding of a drug dependent HIV-1 virus and a candidate vaccine to fight HIV/AIDS.

    [Image: My PhD defence presentation]

    Success in Business & Family


    Very successful few years of business allowed me to slow down and focus on building a family in the French country side (3 children). [Image: Our house at Villa Billy.]

    The launch of AHTI


    Pitched and won 17 million from the city of Amsterdam to launch a new Institute for health & technology. Successfully launch ahti - Amsterdam Health & Technology Institute in November 2014.

    [Image: The AHTI founding team (I'm on the far right)]

    IAB Keynote in Stockholm


    Opening keynote on the future of digital at the IAB Mixx Awards in Stockholm. Audience size 600 in grand hall evening gala setting.

    [Image: IAB Mixx Podium, Stockholm]

    Evangelist on the Future of Digital

    2017 - 2018

    I now speak for big global brands like Microsoft, Google, the IAB (International Advertising Bureau) and IPG (Interpublic Group). I speak as a technology evangelist, brand ambassador and futurist.

    [Image: Some brands I speak for]

    TED Talk "The Choice is Yours"


    I am one of the few people that can say they prepared and delivered their first TED talk on the same day. I was asked to do a TED talk the evening before the event, while sick in bed with the flu. I said "yes", got some sleep, got up at 5am and went to work and prepared a talk on the morning of the TED event that went viral on Youtube.

    [Image: Giving my first TED talk]

    Speaker on a Mission


    As a keynote speaker I am on a mission to connect you in more meaningful ways. For this I speak on many different podiums globally to inspire, motivate and drive people to create the change they seek and build the organisations they can be proud of.

    [Image: Keynote in Bergen, Norway]

    Fastest Growing Speaker & #1 on Top10 Speaker list

    2018 & 2019

    Announced as the fastest growing speaker in the Netherlands for 2018 and #1 position of the top10 speaker list for the Netherlands.

    10xSpeaker Community & Movement


    10xSpeaker is a community of ambitious leaders looking at making a difference through speaking. In 10xSpeaker full-day training I teach you how to speak effectively and leverage storytelling to inspire others and communicate your ideas and vision like a visionary leader.

    Speaker Nation - Be Heard.


    Our vision is to create the largest network of speaking clubs where we come together to be heard and free our story, because we believe that you are just one talk away from an extraordinary life.

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